Event Management Services

The TPI team has produced the largest concerts, sporting events and conferences in the history of Guam and has the capability to offer clients live event broadcasts over television, radio and internet. We have duplicated these events in the Philippines as well. Our events serve to promote our clients brand(s) keeping their products relevant and accessible to their target markets.

Lighting and Stage

Tropical productions owns more than 1,600 square feet of staging with advanced sound and lighting equipment that can be configured for events of all types and sizes. Using a mixture of LED, conventional and moving lighting allows for an enormous range of moods and effects to be created. Programmed in synchronization to music and video, moving light technology offers a fantastic way to open a show, highlight key moments or create an instant change of mood.

Live Camera

The use of multi-camera feeds not only adds to the live feel of a show, but it involves the audience so much more, ensuring that even those at the back have a good view of the show. This may involve a simple two camera set up or a more sophisticated multi-camera rig using fixed station cameras, roving cameras, locked off cameras and remote hot head cameras with an outside broadcast unit. In this way separate signals or a mixed signal may be fed to different screens around the auditorium or ransmitted around the venue.

Show Broadcast

A multiple camera arrangement allows for a mixed camera output to be encoded live and fed to servers for real time web casting to any audience around the world either as a live group experience or for personal viewing on demand in the office. Two or more events can be linked together using simultaneous transmission from each venue using broadband, microwave or satellite links. Video conferencing is a highly cost effective technique for bringing people together in real time around the world.